Mrs Kwek helped me to find out what areas I am weak in and common mistakes that I make. She helps me to better understand concepts and methods to conquer challenging questions. Thank you Mrs Kwek for your patience in helping me score in mathematics!

Joshua Lay

She helped me to improve my math and train my way of thinking in order to do better in math and upkeep it myself. I like how she uses positive reinforcement and her bubby, approachable attitude, she is easy to talk to and questions are always answered clearly. Thank you <3

Ke Xin

This has been the fourth year she is teaching me mathematics. She is a kind and patient teacher. She helps me to achieve good results in mathematics. Thank you Mrs Kwek!

Xin Ying

He is a very kind and patient teacher when teaching. He is also very interactive with his teaching which helps ease the understanding and makes it easier to do the questions. He also follows the pacing of the student, making each lesson very productive.


He has helped me with my math greatly. Since joining in Sec 1, I went from struggling with algebra to excelling in trigonometry, all thanks to Mr Kwek! Mr Kwek inspires everyone to work harder and strives towards excellence. He is funny sometimes too.


Thank you for helping me with my science. I am smartest in my science class, 谢谢:) I am grateful for your patience and effort in teaching us.


You have helped me understand physic concepts much better and I am always able to cope in class because of my knowledge that you gave. You are patient in explaining questions and it is fun being in your class. Physics has been a struggle of mine in Sec 2, but it has been easier ever since having physics tuition. You’re a fun teacher, I enjoy being in the mind-blowing physics class of yours.


He helps me to be a better version of myself. Mr Liew also helps me to strengthen my subjects. I only joined this year but I can already feel my confidence in answering questions. Thank you! I will always appreciate it.


He is a really good and understanding teacher. Whenever we have questions, he will always help. He is always serious but sometimes he is quite funny.


He has helped me with my English and because of him, I have made a significant improvement from a grade 5 for prelims to a grade 2 for N levels.

Yew Wren

He is very patient in teaching students and always gives rewards to encourage them. Thank you Mr Liew. 🙂

Wei Ren

She is very friendly and fun. She always talks to us about life and will not only concentrate on studies. She treats her students very well, giving them rewards to encourage them. Thanks Ms Betty:)

Wei Ren

She helped to improve my science grade from F9 to A2. She is a very fun teacher who makes classes more enjoyable for us. Plus, she also gives us free food 🙂 So, if anyone is looking for a new science tuition class (bio/chem), please consider Betty’s class!

Rui En

She pulled me from F9 to A2 and she made it very easy to understand and made the lessons enjoyable hence I am glad that I chose to join this tuition centre. She is very nice but will still scold us if we never do our work and she gives us encouragement too! Thank you for the free food and bubble tea also<3<3<3 #TEAMBETTY


She has helped me improve my Chinese a lot. I have improved with the help of Qi Lao Shi since P4. She is very kind and patient with all the students she teaches. I appreciate her teaching me.

Dylan Ngo

She is very kind and also very patient to her students. She is also a brilliant teacher in many ways and has taught me a lot.

Zhuo Zheng


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