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What is AEIS?

The Admissions Exercise for International Students (AEIS) is for international students seeking admissions to Primary 2 to 5 and Secondary 1 to 3 in the following academic year.

The AEIS typically starts in July. Successful applicants start school in January the following year.

During this admissions exercise, international students:

  • Apply to take the relevant AEIS tests.
  • Take the AEIS tests.
  • Receive their admissions outcome.

The Supplementary Admissions Exercise for International Students (S‑AEIS) is for international students seeking admission to Primary 2 to 4 and Secondary 1 to 2 in the same academic year.

Admission is not guaranteed, and is subject to your child’s performance in the tests. If successful, placement will be based on the available vacancies in our schools and your declared residential area, where possible.


Mathematics Test Format

The Mathematics test comprises 2 parts. Your child will be given 25 minutes to complete Part 1 and 40 minutes to complete Part 2:

  • Part 1: Multiple-choice questions (29 items)
  • Part 2: Short-answer questions (17 items)

The use of calculators is not allowed. For short-answer questions, your child will have to show the method of solution clearly by writing their working steps in the spaces provided in addition to providing the final answers. 




*2022年下半年开始,AEIS将不再组织小学入学英语考试。如果想要参加今年的AEIS考试,必须在报考的前十二个月内考取CEQ考试,并且要达到或者超过CEQ的考试标准CES成绩,Cambridge English Scale,成绩标准参考下列表格。预报名今年七月份报名AEIS小学数学考试(AEIS Primary Math Test)的同学需要提交CEQ考试成绩证书。(信息来源MOE官网)