Below is our current schedule (subjected to changes) for our centre.

We offer classes for Kindergarten Enrichment, Primary, Secondary and Junior College Subjects.

If your child is unable to attend the lessons below, feel free to contact us to arrange for an alternate timeslot that suits your child’s schedule.


Top Student Award

Congratulations to Chong Wen (Presbyterian High) who achieved Top Student Award in 2014 O Level Exams

Perfect 100

Two consecutive years of students clinching perfect 100 in Sec 4 Additional Maths Prelim Exams Paper 1 and 2 respectively (From Top School)

Single Digit Score!

Single Digit Score in WA1 and WA2! Just 6 lessons… Results improved more than 55% to B Grade!

PSLE Achievement

Congratulations to Javier who clinched 271 in PSLE


Students promoted from Normal Academic to Express!

Setting records

Top Student in Sec 1 NT Maths (From Presbyterian High)

Top Student Award

Congratulations to Sin Jie (Mayflower Sec) who achieved Top Student Award in 2015 N Level Exams

Cambridge International A Level

Congratulations to Cheng Yong who achieved 96% for AS Level Maths in 2020 and 98% for A Level Maths in 2021!

Perfect Score for SAT Maths 

Congratulations to Cheng Yong for Clinching Perfect Score for SAT Maths 1 and 2!

AEIS Exams Achievement!

Congratulations to David and Xing Li for their excellent results in AEIS Exams! They are able to enroll to Government Schools!


Congratulations… In just 1 term!

Caleb Primary Maths 63% to 95%

An Yee Primary Science 47.5% to 90%

Michelle Additional Maths 47% to 88%

Jonathan S4 E Maths F9 to A1

The list goes on…